Eröffnung am 2. Dezember von 18 – 21 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer bis 19. Februar 2011

From the artist’s notebook

My interest in objects focuses largely on two themes when creating artworks.

First, it is the story about the existence of object. 
I deal with this theme mostly through photo drawing or glass drawing. The theme about existence sometimes leads to the glass installation later.

Secondly is the analysis of object. In other words, the story about the object unfolds through the detailed analyses on the external factors such as the shape or colour of objects and the notions about objects like their relationship with the surrounding environment and history, and so forth.

Those analyses have been carried out mainly through three-dimensional works (Glass books) or installation works. 
All objects in my two-dimensional works are blurry. 
And their detailed characteristics are left out.

The objects in the painting conceal their trivial stories and experiences and are left where they are. 
Thus, the objects in the painting try to make their presence more clear. 
The characteristics of object are expressed more intensively
and their trivial stories are liberated from the existence of object itself, making our ideas  moulded in the straightjacket of certain special prejudice, when more information about the object is available in detail.

Seontae Hwang