Catarina Lira Pereira

opening Thursday 17 Sep 2009
5 pm – 10 pm 


exhibition dates
Sep 18 – Nov 22 2009


Die white8/VIENNA freut sich, die neue Herbstsaison mit einer Ausstellung zu eröffnen, die das unerschöpfliche Thema der Liebe in den zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen zum Inhalt hat.

Catarina Lira Pereira: „We are what we are, the product of our past, which remains and reveals itself mentally through hazy re-enactments. The sharing of autobiographical content and a private universe, interspersed with discontinued narratives ant rooted in a potent interplay of photography and painting, creates emotional communication with the spectator, who is confronted with a spirit of openess, a familiar and joyous environment. The simulation of frustrated attempts at visualizing images of the past resulted in a malleable game between revelation and concealment, generating ambiguous profundity. I invite you to participate in this complex game by incorporating the illusion of visual memory of particular moments of my life. You will be led through a series of passages and bifurcations oscillating between the whole and detail, which will allow you to mentally finalize the images. The awareness of this pictorial complexity is what eventually becomes the pivotal point of my work process.“